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Responsible for all subjects in the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences (excluding Physics), and the Faculty of Medicine:

Dr. Andreas Petersen
Tel: +49 40 42838-7533
Email: andreas.petersen@uni-hamburg.de (andreas.petersen"AT"uni-hamburg.de)

Dr. Elisabeth Bunselmeyer
Tel.: +49 40 42838-8763
E-Mail: elisabeth.bunselmeyer@uni-hamburg.de(elisabeth.bunselmeyer"AT"uni-hamburg.de)

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Responsible for all subjects in the Faculties of Business, Economics and Social Sciences; Humanities; Education; Psychology and Human Movement; Law; and the Department of Physics :

Dr. Corinna Schulz
Tel: +49 40 42838-7952
Email: corinna-nadine.schulz@uni-hamburg.de (corinna-nadine.schulz"AT"uni-hamburg.de)

Dr. Oliver Callies
Tel: +49 40 42838-8181
Email: oliver.callies@uni-hamburg.de (oliver.callies"AT"uni-hamburg.de)

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Responsible for structured doctoral programs and programs supporting young researchers::

Dr. Wolfgang Röhr
Tel: +49 40 42838-9079
Email: wolfgang.roehr@uni-hamburg.de (wolfgang.roehr"AT"uni-hamburg.de)

Patrizia Hanhart
Tel: +49 40 42838-9478
Email: Patrizia.Hanhart"AT"uni-hamburg.de

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FIT newsletter

FIT (Information Service for Research, International Affairs, and Knowledge Transfer) provides current information on research funding, international research activities and the practical application of scientific findings. You can get the information you want by email.