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Welcome Week
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WW and OE – What's that?

Welcome Week

  • takes place two weeks before the lecture period starts
  • is a joint offer for students from all departments
  • provides general information about living and studying in Hamburg
  • offers opportunities for exploring the campus and the city, and for meeting other first-year students.

Orientation Activities (OE)

  • take place one week before the lecture period starts
  • are organized by the individual departments
  • provide information about organizing your studies and selecting your courses
  • offer opportunities for registering for courses in STiNE with the help of OE tutors.


We strongly recommend that you take advantage of both offers.

How to register and de-register


  • Please click on the name of the event to register!
  • Registration starting on September 22, 12 noon


  • Use the form to deregister:

> WW De-registration form


Guy Grizman
Email: guy.grizman"AT"
Tel: +49 40 42838-3603/-2451

Kristina Omelchenko
Email: kristina.omelchenko"AT"
Tel: +49 40 42838-3603/-2451

Darya Yakubovich
Email: darya.yakubovich"AT"
Tel: +49 40 42838-3603/-2451

PIASTA's Welcome Buddy Reception

PIASTA invites you to the Welcome Buddy Reception, where you can meet old and new students from around the world. We are also very happy to again welcome Erasmus students and Welcome Buddies! Join us and find out who everyone is that you’ll be starting the semester with. We can’t wait to meet you!

Date: Wed, 16.10.2019, 6 – 9:30 pm
Place: Cafeteria, Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg
Language: Short presentation in English, rest of the event multilingual


(Registration from 6 October 2019, 12 noon)