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Workshop on Intonational PhrasinG in Romance and in germanic

The interest in describing intonation has steadily grown during the last decades. It has resulted in the development of important methodological tools within the so-called Autosegmental-Metrical Model of intonational phonology, which constitutes the theoretical basis of the workshop.
Intonation is an area where Phonology and Syntax intersect. The goal is to precisely scrutinize this intersection or interface. With that purpose, the topic of the workshop will be phrasing. It is envisaged that the workshop covers phrasing from two angles. On the one hand, we intend to discuss the various cues for phrasing (such as pauses, resetting, the realization of pitch accents at phrase edges, and F0 in general; lengthening and shortening, increase or decrease of intensity etc.), and to state their role in the interpretation of phrasing. Based on a comparison between Romance and Germanic languages, our intention is to discuss whether these cues have different weight depending on the language or the language group. On the other hand, the aim is to reflect on the interaction between intonational and syntactic phrasing. There is a certain correspondence and there are clear mismatches (e.g. certain eurhythmic effects override syntactic cues). We want to elucidate the determining factors and the constraints of this interaction.
Although the objective is to analyze different types of data, we would like to encourage facing the challenge posed by the analysis of spontaneous data, as the focus in the last decades has been to study data based on reading.


January, 23-24, 2009


Heilwigstraße 116
D-20249 Hamburg

Invited Speakers:

Colantoni, Laura (Toronto)
Dehé, Nicole (Berlin)
D'Imperio, Mariapaola (Aix en Provence)
Féry, Caroline (Potsdam)
Kohler, Klaus (Kiel)
Post, Brechtje (Cambridge)
Prieto, Pilar (Barcelona)


Registration fee:

15 EUR, part-time researchers 10 EUR, students 5 EUR


Please, email Susana Corts



Conxita Lleó
Christoph Gabriel
Susana Cortés
Ingo Feldhausen

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